Best Tips for Hosting Holiday Guests in Your Louisville Apartment


Living in an apartment can make it challenging when hosting holiday guests. However, there are a few tips you can take advantage of to make hosting easier on you and more comfortable for your guests. Check out these tips for hosting overnight guests at your Louisville apartment: When you don't have extra beds, you can get a pull out couch for your … [Read more...]

3 Fun Games to Play at Your Holiday Party this Year

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Holiday party games are always a favorite at family gatherings. When you've got everyone together in your Louisville apartment, try these fun games: Bananagrams – This game is a lot like Scrabble. There are 144 lettered tiles and each player gets anywhere from 7 to 10 tiles. Players try to connect letters into a word, sort of like a crossword puzzle. … [Read more...]

Help Kids Stay Safe on Our Louisville Playground


We have plenty of amenities for all ages at our Louisville apartments with a playground. Kids can play till their heart's content any time of the day and be just a short walk from home. One thing our community strives for when it comes to our playground is the safety of all children. Here are a few safety tips to help prepare your child for fun-filled … [Read more...]

Bring Holiday Themes into Your Louisville Apartment Decor


Are you ready to celebrate the holiday season in your Louisville apartment? Check out these ideas for decorating for the holidays: Make a big impact in your room with one simple decoration: topiaries. Ready made topiaries can be found at craft stores in plenty of shapes and sizes. String lights around them and place them in your room for instant holiday … [Read more...]

Effective Ways to Manage Stress


Knowing how to manage stress is an important skill, as stress can make you unhappy, negatively impact your decisions, and even make you sick. Here are a few tips to help you keep your stress at bay. Eat regularly. Skipping meals leaves you without the energy to adequately deal with your day. Everything right down to your ability to reason is affected by … [Read more...]